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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sun moon lake and surrounding area....................

Yesterday we charter a taxi and pay about 7,000 Taiwan dollars to go to sun moon lake in central Taiwan. Driving through the Taiwanese country side was just beautiful, the scenery was breathtaking. we drove past mountains after mountains, and every now and then we would go through these passageway or tunnels drill deep into the mountains, all i kept thinking was Taiwanese engineers must be some of the best and most resourceful people in the world. to drill through these mountains to make highways was amazing.
When we finally got to sun moon lake the place was filled with tourist mainly i think mainland Chinese, but it was still a beautiful experience, the whole place was just beautiful.

We drove through tunnels after tunnels, this one was on the way to sun moon lake.

The scenery in central Taiwan was breathtaking.

View of sun moon lake.

With my little brother at sun moon lake.

On the way back to Taipei we stop in the city of Puli to have lunch.
McDonalds in Taiwan, taste better then any Mcdonalds in the U.S

Also in Puli Dad got some sugarcane to eat.

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