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Sunday, July 21, 2013

African singer becomes a rising star in China...........

I continue to follow the musical career with great interest of an African singer in China who goes by the name of Hao Di (好弟).The Nigerian, whose name means "good little brother," shot to fame at this year's China Red Song Contest (中国红歌会), a communist-themed singing talent show hosted by Jiangxi TV.

Hao Di made it into the national Top 50 of China Red Song Contest earlier this month. His rising stardom landed him an opportunity to attend the opening ceremony of a military museum, as a special guest, in Jiangxi Province. Here are
two of my favorite music videos from Him.

Hao Di is also a member of the grassroots Chinese music group "Singing around Five Continents"(五洲唱响乐团), which was formed in 2008 with members from the United States, Europe, Africa and China