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Saturday, December 15, 2007

So funny...............

OK people this is so funny i just had to post it. My wife and Kid are the worst people ever to sleep beside on a bed, its like a war zone when you sleep with them, and to prove my point i toke these pictures last night.

Here she is so calm on her way to work in the morning.

Now check out these two at night

No wonder i don't get enough sleep at night, and as long as these two sleeping beauties continues to sleep like this, i am afraid its always going to be the sofa for me.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Classic chinese song, perfrom by 3 great singers.

Here is a classic Chinese song perform by three beautiful singers, the song is called the The Wandering Songstress first made popular by the legendary Zhou Xuan in 1935. here is her radition.(周璇 - 天涯歌女)

And here is the legendary Teresa Teng performing the same song.(邓丽君 - 天涯歌女)

And finally here is the modern version of the song perform by this singer on China's
CCTV, what a tribute to Zhou Xuan , and Teresa Teng, i am sure they would be proud of her if they were alive today.

Its hard to tell who sang it best, i like all of them.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Family Pics.

Keira and my Mom.

Keira and her Mom.

chilling with Keira.

Keira at chucky cheese.
At home relaxing.

Wedding day, my wife is originally from Laos, so we decided to have a traditional Laotian wedding. in the picture is my mother in-law on the right, my wife and me.

My sister in-law me and my wife.

Mother in-law with my daughter Keira.

Keira being her bad self.

Keira at her first birthday party, with her cousins and her aunt.