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Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Random Taiwan Photos...........

My Dad.

Taipei 101

View of the city of Taipei from Taipei 101

Dad pose for a picture.

With my brother in Taiwan.

My cousin and little brother.

With my brothers and Dad in Taipei.

Dad and little brother Nikie.

With My elder Uncle, Dad's older brother.

sitting with Dad

With Dad and elder uncle.

Walking with Dad.

My brother and Dad.

With some of my relatives in Taiwan.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Taiwan reflection.......................

Standing with Teresa Teng in the music store.

I have gotten way too lazy to blog since i got back from Taiwan, but my vacation in Taiwan was great, not only did i spend some time with my Dad and other relatives,I also went on an allout shopping spree looking for some Hard to find Taiwanese oldies from the 70s, and 80s.I bought so many CDs and DVDs of all my favorite oldies singers from Teresa Teng 鄧麗君, to Feng Fei Fei 鳳飛飛, and many more.

Here is one of the songs i bought of Miss Teng singing one of her many Japanese Hits..
I can swear i have played this song a million time and it still sound awesome....

I stopped at this one little music shop in Taipei, and in very bad Mandarin ask for any thing they have on Yang Yang Xiao Ping 杨小萍, And the lady behind the counter started laughing, i bet she was probably thinking you are so young and a foreigner what do you know about Yang Xiao Ping?

Some of my uncles and aunts in Taiwan.......

I must however say, i was proud of myself, My Dad,uncles, and aunties were all surprise at my knowlege of Taiwanese music and singers, especially the ones they grew up listening to.

While driving to my uncles's house in Yilan Taiwan, i played one of the CDs i bought, check out my DaD and Uncles reaction in the car....

I had such a great time in Taiwan, my family were great, Taipei was awesome, I can easily picture myself visiting Taiwan every year.