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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Heavenly voice of (Liu Zi ling)......

If you are a lover of Traditional Chinese Music like i am, you should definitely check out the songs of the beautiful and talented Liu Zi ling. Here is one of my favorite song from her.

劉紫玲 (Liu Zi ling)-久別的人 - 白雪成名曲


Liu Ziling graduated from Chaoyang Normal School of Music Education. She
Served as a host in the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Beijing Art Troupe readings, poetry recital, the commemoration of the Russian Culture - Russian classical music concert in 2006.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Family video Albulm........................

I have been so busy with work and school, but it will all be worth it in a couple of months.
My brother and i will be going to mainland China on a 12 days three city tour of Beijing, Honk Kong, and Shanghai.I am really looking forward to it. In the main time My family is doing great, Keira started school,and we really don't have anything to complain about.
I really don't have anything else to post today except this video i made of my Family.

The song in the video is by the beautiful Tong Li of China, and its call 髮如雪 Fa ru xue.
(Hair like snow)

Thank you all so much again for stopping by.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Keira at five and pics from her first day of school.......

My little princess over the week end turn five.

Keira first day at school.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family photos.......................

Keira acting all grown up, i love this shot though.

My other half, she is always goofing around.

Keira and her Mom

My sister-inlaw, Keira, and her Mommy.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The unforgettable Jenny Tseng 甄妮 ....

Jenny Tseng is the legendary singer from Hong Kong who was Born in the former Portuguese colony of Macau to an expatriate Austrian civil engineer father and a Chinese mother. But after fame came, held Hong Kong as her home base. She is one of the first singers to have huge hits in both Mandarin and Cantonese and was considered the only diva to come anywhere near rivaling the late Teresa Teng.

Here is a video of her singing one of biggest hits and one of my favorite songs.

some of her other biggest hits includes:

铁血丹心 “Iron Blood, Innocent Heart” (often sung with Roman Tam)
再度孤獨 “Alone Again”
世间始终你好 (with Roman Tam)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July happenings......

The fourth of July was a lovely day in Minneapolis...

We made BBQ and a lot of other food, but my favorite was this sea food dish...

Took the kids for a little walk in the park after lunch...

Keira and her cousin Sadee..

Keira and me.....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Summer Pics..........................

We have been having a lot of fun lately and taking advantage of all the good weather we have been getting. When Keira is not inside doing one of her many Justin Bieber's routines or trying my patience with all her running around, we usually like to go out and enjoy the nice weather.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What we have been up to............

Its been really a busy couple of months, but hey, we are all very excited and looking forward to having a lot of fun this summer. Keira is really becoming a beautiful young woman, its hard to believe it was only few years ago that she was this tiny little baby in my arms.

Here is a video of Keira dancing and singing to some of Teresa Teng's songs

I have recently receive a lot of emails asking why i have not updated my blog in a while, i am sorry guys, i have just been too busy with work, family and school, i will try to update as much as i can.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Song of the Week.......

This is by far one of my favorite songs from the legendary Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng, Miss Teng's ability to connect with people when she perform was amazing, my only regret is that she did not live long enough for me to see her perform in person.

Check out this video as Teresa Teng sings her hit song (Ni zen me shuo, 你怎麼說, What Do You Have To Say ?) and interacts with people in the audience, at the queen Elizabeth stadium during her 1982 concert in Hong Kong.

Teresa Teng - Ni Zen Me Shuo - What Do You Have To Say?

你怎么說 | Ni Zen Me Shuo | What do You have to Say?

*我没忘记 你忘记我
*Wo mei wang ji ni wang ji wo
*I haven’t forgotten, but you’ve forgotten me.

Lian ming zi ni dou shuo chuo
You even get my name wrong

Zheng ming ni yi qie dou shi zai pian wo
Goes to show that you've been lying to me

Kan jin tian ni zen me shuo
Let's see what you have to say today

#Ni shuo guo liang tian lai kan wo
#You say that you'll come look for me in a couple of days

Yi deng jiu shi yi nian duo
But I've waited for over a year

San bai liu shi wu ri zi bu hao guo
365 days is not easy to get by

Ni xin li gen ben mei you wo
I am not in your heart at all

Ba wo de ai qing huan gei wo
Return my love to me

Friday, May 20, 2011

The talented Wang lee Hom 王力宏 ............

Singer/actor Wang Lee Hom 王力宏 is a four-time Golden Melody Award-winning Taiwanese American singer-songwriter and actor who has achieved highly recognized success in Taiwan, Mainland China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia.
He produces, composes and arranges all his own music from writing lyrics to playing instruments.
he also produces music for other Chinese singers.

Here is one of my favorite song from the talented singer.

Amazingly, Wang Lee Hom didn't learn Chinese until he was 18 years old. He's incredibly talented (he can play the piano, violin, erhu, guitar and many other instruments extremely well.
The talented singer was born in Rochester New York on May 17 1976.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Random Taiwan Photos...........

My Dad.

Taipei 101

View of the city of Taipei from Taipei 101

Dad pose for a picture.

With my brother in Taiwan.

My cousin and little brother.

With my brothers and Dad in Taipei.

Dad and little brother Nikie.

With My elder Uncle, Dad's older brother.

sitting with Dad

With Dad and elder uncle.

Walking with Dad.

My brother and Dad.

With some of my relatives in Taiwan.