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Monday, April 16, 2012

African Man Sings revolutionary Song for CCP 90th Anniversary

It always amazes me when i see black people speaking Chinese,I recently stumble upon this African guy who calls himself Brother Hao the Red song king 红歌王好弟 singing Chinese communist party revolutionary songs. He is actually very good.here are some of his videos.

Without the Communist Party, There Would Be No New China'' by Brother Hao

Here is Brother Hao again singing another tribute to the Chinese Communist party

And finally check him working the crowd in this video....


Steve said...

He reminds me of 红老外, a white guy from New York that sang Communist songs in Chinese. His YouTube name is honglaowai. In 2008 he posted his last video, where he actually visited Shanghai and sang a Revolutionary tune in public (it was embarrassing for many to watch). Interestingly, he dropped off the Internet radar right after that stunt.

Some internet investigation reveals his true name to be George Costow, a securities analyst in New York. I wonder if he was pressured by his company to lay off the "Red Foreigner" schtick.

Jean said...

Very interesting..regardless of the type of political or non-political songs he belted out in Mandarin, it really shows the value of knowing and speaking a local language, much less sing it!