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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random Family photos.......

Since leaving the Taiwanese army in the 70s, my Dad have since travel all over the world working for the Taiwanese agriculture mission in mainly developing nations.
Dad when he first came to Africa in the early 70s.

Here is a picture of my Mom in the 70s.

Here are some pictures of my Dad in Papua new Guinea in 1992.

Inspecting the harvest in the Solomon Islands in 1997.

My Dad in this recent picture in the south African country of Malawi,
he has since been assigned to the south pacific.

My mom and me today.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Legendary Fong Fei Fei 鳳飛飛........

I have been wanting to do a blog on legendary Taiwanese actress and songstress Fong Fei Fei 鳳飛飛 for a while now, so i decided today i was going to do it. I missed her concert at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas in 2007, but As always, she delivered a professionally good performance, my friends who went to the concert said it was a concert of a lifetime, which explains how she has managed to keep up a good following of die-hard fans even after more than 40 years!
here is a video of one of my best songs from her....

There are so many beautiful songs from her it was hard deciding which ones i wanted to post. Here she is in concert in this video, you can tell that she lit up the place with her performence...

Her interest in show business started after she won a championship in a singing competition way back in 1968. From the time she released her debut album entitled 'Zhu Ni Ping Fu' (Wishing You Luck) till 'Xiang Yao Tan Tong Diao Jing Xuan Ji' (Collection) in 1997, Fong Fei Fei has already released 81 albums, with many of them garnering her numerous awards.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Talented Sunshumei 孫淑媚...........

While visiting a friend at the university of Minnesota last week i borrowed a copy of Taiwanese singer Sun Shumei 孫淑媚 CD from her, and i just fell in love with her singing.
Sun Shumei is such a good singer that i have decided to buy my own copy of her album.
Here are some videos of some of my favorite songs from her,the first video she features singer On Bozheng 安伯政.

愛你的機會(孫淑媚 & 安伯政)

In the next video she features another singer call XiulanMaya 秀蘭瑪雅.

After listening to these two songs all i could say was wow..... and i hope you guys felt the same way too... ENJOY FOLKS.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another one of the legendary Teresa Teng song......

Here is another one of my all time favorite Teresa Teng 鄧麗君 song, its call 我只在乎你 or i only care about you. i first heard this song when i was a kid growing up in Africa, it was and is still is one of my Dad's favorite.

More then a decade has passed since Teresa Teng died from a severe asthma attack in the Thai city of Chiang Mai, but her songs and delicate appearance remain vivid for millions of Chinese speaking people around the world, she will live forever in all of her fans hearts.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Spotlight on Hong Kong's R&B sansation Alex To 杜德偉........

Hong Kong and Taiwan based singer and actor, Alex To 杜德偉 have been one of my favorite artist since 2002 when some of my friends from Boston and i went for spring break in Miami.
My friends are all originally from Hong Kong, they played his songs over and over again until i was just sick of the guy, but his songs were good, and i decided to buy some of his CDs, ever since then i have been a big fan.
Alex To was born and raised in Hong Kong to a Filipino father and a Shanghainese mother.
In 1985 he entered the 4th annual New Talent Singing Awards and won first place (the Gold Award). He was then signed to Capital Artists and began his career in the music industry. His debut Cantonese album 只想留下 was released in 1987. His first Mandarin album 談情說愛 was released in 1990 in Taiwan.
Here are some videos of some of my all time favorites from Him.
杜德偉 - 無心傷害

Alex To is 40 years old but you wouldn't be able to tell. He has the face and the energy of a young man who refuses to quit until success is made,he continues to struggle against popular male artists who quickly come and go,To Alex, what he's looking for is nothing short of success, but to us his fans, he is a versatile singer, who has drawn and touched our hearts with his many good songs.
Here is another one of my favorite song from him....
杜德偉 - 跑遠

Hands down, i think he is one of the best R&B singer in all Hong Kong.
Enjoy folks.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Amazing voice of Zhang Yan 张燕................

The more i listen to Chinese singer Zhang Yan 张燕 sings, the more i love her beautiful voice, and her opera like style of singing.
Here she is in this video singing a classic Chinese opera song call the Emperor's Female Son-in-law 女驸马.
The song is about a woman who disguise herself as a man and took the imperial examination to help free her lover who was framed by evil men and was sent to prison. In ancient China Only men were allowed to take the imperial examination, which is a mandatory if you wanted to be appointed as an official.
but Unfortunately her plan did not go as planned, the Emperor's daughter fell in love with her, and was force to be engaged to the princess.

In the end however, she tells the truth to the princess. The emperor forgave her and punished those who framed her husband.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer shopping.........

I took the whole family out today to some much needed summer shopping, we rarely get to do anything together because of our crazy schedules, but it was wonderful, and we all had fun.

My little princess and me.

What could she be thinking?......

Keira and her Mom tried some cloths.

Keira all excited to go shopping.

There were not a lot of people at the mall, and there were tons of good deals.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Yeh Qi Tian 葉啟田 another one of my favorite Taiwanese singers......

Recently i posted a video by Joyce Lim 小鳳鳳 singing a Hokkien song called Ai Pia Cia E Yia 愛拼才會贏, but here is another great randition of the song by one of my favorite Taiwanese oldies singer Yeh Qi Tian 葉啟田.

Now tell me thats not some great singing,i just bought all his best songs on CD, and i tell you, it was money well spent, i just love these old songs.