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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Amazing voice of Zhang Yan 张燕................

The more i listen to Chinese singer Zhang Yan 张燕 sings, the more i love her beautiful voice, and her opera like style of singing.
Here she is in this video singing a classic Chinese opera song call the Emperor's Female Son-in-law 女驸马.
The song is about a woman who disguise herself as a man and took the imperial examination to help free her lover who was framed by evil men and was sent to prison. In ancient China Only men were allowed to take the imperial examination, which is a mandatory if you wanted to be appointed as an official.
but Unfortunately her plan did not go as planned, the Emperor's daughter fell in love with her, and was force to be engaged to the princess.

In the end however, she tells the truth to the princess. The emperor forgave her and punished those who framed her husband.

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