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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Spotlight on Hong Kong's R&B sansation Alex To 杜德偉........

Hong Kong and Taiwan based singer and actor, Alex To 杜德偉 have been one of my favorite artist since 2002 when some of my friends from Boston and i went for spring break in Miami.
My friends are all originally from Hong Kong, they played his songs over and over again until i was just sick of the guy, but his songs were good, and i decided to buy some of his CDs, ever since then i have been a big fan.
Alex To was born and raised in Hong Kong to a Filipino father and a Shanghainese mother.
In 1985 he entered the 4th annual New Talent Singing Awards and won first place (the Gold Award). He was then signed to Capital Artists and began his career in the music industry. His debut Cantonese album 只想留下 was released in 1987. His first Mandarin album 談情說愛 was released in 1990 in Taiwan.
Here are some videos of some of my all time favorites from Him.
杜德偉 - 無心傷害

Alex To is 40 years old but you wouldn't be able to tell. He has the face and the energy of a young man who refuses to quit until success is made,he continues to struggle against popular male artists who quickly come and go,To Alex, what he's looking for is nothing short of success, but to us his fans, he is a versatile singer, who has drawn and touched our hearts with his many good songs.
Here is another one of my favorite song from him....
杜德偉 - 跑遠

Hands down, i think he is one of the best R&B singer in all Hong Kong.
Enjoy folks.

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