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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lou Jing (娄婧) the sad story of a Black Chinese girl.......

Lou Jing (娄婧)

I have never been outrage about a story coming out of China then this one.....
When 20 year old Lou Jing (娄婧) who is of mixed Chinese and black heritage became one of the five Shanghai finalists on the reality Tv show Go! Oriental Angel, the color of her skin became a national issue on what a true Chinese person is suppose to look like. She also became a target for cruel gossip and vicious racist attacks on Aug 30, when her mother shared their family's story on the show.
The attacks began after Ms Lou's mother revealed at a preliminary round of the show early last month that her daughter was the result of an illicit affair she had with an African American man some 20 years ago.Ms Lou's mother, who is a Shanghainese and known only as Madam Lou, said her Chinese husband divorced her when he found their newborn looked African instead of

Here are some of the comments that people were posting online ............

Shanghai people’s value plunges. A bastard, brought her out to show off because of the foreigner descent. The girl is ok, her mom is a whore, married and still mess around with black guy, maybe it’s the great “love”, it’s a pity the black guy was just playing her, Chinese girls please have some self-respect.

Her mother still has the face to go on stage, she is shameless, and this kind of thing is definitely scandals you should keep in the family. She still dares to go on stage, maybe she does not feel ashamed, instead feels proud.
Is this the legend of the bastard? And an unwanted bastard.

Her mother is a shameless woman, pregnant by a black guy, and then abandoned, was it good when he was pleasing you? Still obsessed with him after several decades? Not feel ashamed, even go on TV to look, looking for what? Looking for lost big XX? Looking for climax never had again? Shameless! Why are Shanghai women always the target of criticism? It’s because of shameless bitch like her!
Dragon TV please help this bastard find her family. Let the black father with a big XX hurry back, address this old woman’s needs! Black Dad, come back soon! Someone cannot forget your big XX.

This woman has no sense of shame, married and you cheat, give birth to a black kid so there is no way to hide, if wasn’t for that her husband will have to raise their children.
Cheap is the word, in order to run with a foreigner, even do with black people.

As a person who is also of mixed Chinese and black heritage, i can certainly relate to this young woman's story.... and frankly, its outright shameful and disturbing that people would be so narrow minded like this.

With my dad and uncles, i am the one in the red shirt and black shorts

My siblings and i had great parents, and we were truly loved by both our African side, as well as our Chinese side of the Families, and thank God i live in these great United States were i am sure if this young woman had grown up, the sky would have been the limits for her talents and beauty.

Here is a video of Lou Jing on Go Oriental girl....

In many ways, Lou Jing is a typical young woman from Shanghai. Pretty and confident, she speaks Mandarin heavily accented with the lilting tones of the Shanghai dialect and browses the malls of this huge city for the latest fashions.
And i would only hope that she has the strength and courage to stay true to herself.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jay Chou 周杰伦 the King of Chinese Music...............

Jay Chou

Known as the King of Chinese Music, Jay Chou 周杰伦 the talented Award-winning Taiwanese musician, singer, producer, actor and director, has certainly made a name for himself.
he is known for combining both Chinese and Western musical styles to produce a fresh sound that fuse R&B, rock and pop genres, that is quite unlike what is produced in mainstream Taiwanese pop, and also for his unique lyrics which touch on various issues such as domestic violence, war, and urbanization.

Here are few of my all time favorite songs from him.......

and i absolutely love this one he call hair like snow....

this song has got to be the best jay chou song of all.

Since the release of his first album in2000, His music has gained recognition throughout Asia, most notably in countries such as China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, and in overseas Chinese communities, winning more than 20 awards each year. He has sold over 25 million albums worldwide.

In 2007, he was named one of the 50-most influential people in China by the British think tank Chatham House. He starred in Initial D (2005) for which he won Best Newcomer Actor in Golden Horse Awards, and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor by Hong Kong Film Awards for his role in Curse of the Golden Flower (2006). His career now extends into directing and running his own record company JVR Music.

The beautiful voice of Taiwanese singer Huang Yee-ling,黃乙玲..............

Huang Yee-ling

If you are a big fan of classic traditional Taiwanese or Minnan music as i am, you may have heard of this lovely lady called Huang Yee-ling,黃乙玲.
Fans including me of the veteran Holo pop singer Huang Ming-jhu, who performs under the stage name of Huang Yee-ling,黃乙玲 were thrilled when she released her 28th album in 2008.
Born in 1969 in Taipei County, Huang began singing early at the age of nine. Echoing the theme of inescapable destiny that pervades many of her songs, Huang says that while she loves singing now, her music career began because she felt she needed to do something to support her family, although she was very young. "Singing might be the job I was predestined to do," she says.

Check out this beautiful song from her.......

黃乙玲 - 無字的情批

Huang have won many music awards including a Golden Melody Award for best female Holo-language singer in 2006, and an earlier Golden Melody Award in the same category in 1999 as part of a career spanning nearly 30 years.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Little Princess at Three...................................

Yesterday my baby turn three, we celebrated her birthday in the backyard with BBQ and cake.
here are some of the pictures from yesterday celebration.................

Sister in law helping out with the food preparation

Keira and cousin Gavin in the back yard.

Another beautiful classic by Malaysian singer Zhuang Xue Zhong 莊學忠 .....

For some reason i think Zhuang Xue Zhong 莊學忠 sound and have the same singing style as Taiwanese singer Luo Shi Feng 羅時豐. check out this beautiful classic by Zhuang called Forgive me, sweetheart 原諒我吧心上人.....

莊學忠 Zhuang Xue Zhong Yuan Liang Wo Ba Xin Shang Ren 原諒我吧心上人

Zhuang has released 30 albums since his debut album release in 1986, and has won more then 150 championships in singing competitions and other awards. Early last year, he celebrated his 20 years in showbiz with a concert in Malaysia.