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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Feeling a little nostalgic today...........................

As most of you who read my blog know, I am one of the biggest fan of the legendary late Taiwanese songstress Teresa Teng(鄧麗君) , i am also an avid collector of everything Miss Teng. but no matter how many times i listen to her songs i always have this nostalgic feeling about the beautiful and good times we had as kids growing up.

There was a huge Chinese community in Liberia, most of these folks were farmers and had big farms that supplied almost the whole country with fresh Agriculture produce.
At the end of the work week, all these good folks some mainlanders, others from Taiwan would all come together to eat,drink tea, and play mahjongg.
It was during these times that i first heard and fell in love with Teresa's angelic voice on the radio.....
Some of my Teresa Teng music and video collections

I especially like her old songs from the 70s and 80s, they are such classic that
they will be played again again in Chinese communities all around the world for years to come.....

Check out this song called 無奈(helpless)

Teresa recorded this song in 1985. It got lost at that time, only to be discovered 20 years later by chance.
This song is the mandarin version of a well-known Paula Tsui song.

And what person of Chinese decent will not instantly recognize her 1978 hit song 再見我的愛人(Good bye my Love)

Even though she has left us, for millions of us who are her loyal fans she will always be our idol.
How can we not love this woman who through her many songs made us feel happy, sad, and countless other emotions that cannot be describe.
Even if one is deaf, and blind, one will still feel the power and beauty of her voice
Such is the greatness of this highly gifted woman.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dad ...............................

My Dad is one of those guys who have gone beyond the call of duty to serve his native Country Taiwan. Dad came to Africa in the early 70s right out of the military, to work with the Taiwanese agriculture technical mission that helps mainly developing nations developed and improve their Agriculture sector. When he met mom he settle down in Africa for a couple of years to start a family, in later years when we all moved to the United states, he decided to back and work for the government.
he have since worked all over the world.

In the African nation of Malawi (2007)

In the south pacific nation of Papua new Guinea (1991)

In the Solomon Island (1998)

In Liberia west Africa (1983)

Port Moresby PNG (1990)

We don't get to see our Dad as often as we would like because of the kind of work that he does, but the family is planning a big reunion in Taipei in early February, where for the first time Dad will get to meet his grand kids.

My brother Eddie

With Keira,
can you believe she is already applying make-ups

My brothers and i were truly blessed to have a great man to be our father, i only hope and pray that one day our own kids will say the same about us too.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beautiful Chinese folk ballad by Timi Zhuo 卓依婷 .....................

I really love this beautiful ballad by Timi Zhuo 卓依婷, 中 华 民 谣 (Ballad of China).
This was released in Timi's 1999 Transformation albulms, when Timi was just 19 years old. the album was the third out of five in the Transformation series 蜕变3 谜.

This song was originally sung by an eminent Chinese singer 谢东 (Xie Dong), but i can say for certain that i love the both of them.
Here is his version......

What a beautiful song it brings back lots of memories.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another Beautiful song by Jiang Hui 江蕙 ( Jody Chiang)..........

The more i listen to the angelic voice of Taiwanese singer Jiang Hui 江蕙 ( Jody Chiang) the more i get to appreciate this genre of Taiwanese music call Tai-pop and sometimes Hokkien pop.
The genre is not the same as Mandarin pop music from Taiwan. However many Mandarin pop singers from Taiwan also cross-over into Taiwanese pop genres as well, and there is increasingly more Mandarin pop influence in Taiwanese pop.

Born to a poor family in rural Taiwan, Jiang Hui struggled to make it to the top. When she was still young, she starting singing to help support her family. She literally sang her way to fame and stardom.

Here is another one of my favorite songs from her called 落雨聲 or the sound of rain..

You Have to Be Patient, one of Jiang Hui song, seemed to tell the story of her life. This was also the first song which catapulted her to fame and made her a household name in Taiwan.
She sang her way to acceptance in the mainstream pop world once dominated by Mandarin song stars. Her landing on the pop charts in Taiwan was unprecedented for someone specializing in Taiwanese songs.
Today she is affectionately called the queen of Taiwanese Music (Minnan songs)