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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dad ...............................

My Dad is one of those guys who have gone beyond the call of duty to serve his native Country Taiwan. Dad came to Africa in the early 70s right out of the military, to work with the Taiwanese agriculture technical mission that helps mainly developing nations developed and improve their Agriculture sector. When he met mom he settle down in Africa for a couple of years to start a family, in later years when we all moved to the United states, he decided to back and work for the government.
he have since worked all over the world.

In the African nation of Malawi (2007)

In the south pacific nation of Papua new Guinea (1991)

In the Solomon Island (1998)

In Liberia west Africa (1983)

Port Moresby PNG (1990)

We don't get to see our Dad as often as we would like because of the kind of work that he does, but the family is planning a big reunion in Taipei in early February, where for the first time Dad will get to meet his grand kids.

My brother Eddie

With Keira,
can you believe she is already applying make-ups

My brothers and i were truly blessed to have a great man to be our father, i only hope and pray that one day our own kids will say the same about us too.

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SHUO said...

It's sweet and nostalgic.

I did the same thing before.When I went through those old photos of my parents,I saw their youth and passion for life.

They struggled harder than we do now,I suppose.