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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another Beautiful song by Jiang Hui 江蕙 ( Jody Chiang)..........

The more i listen to the angelic voice of Taiwanese singer Jiang Hui 江蕙 ( Jody Chiang) the more i get to appreciate this genre of Taiwanese music call Tai-pop and sometimes Hokkien pop.
The genre is not the same as Mandarin pop music from Taiwan. However many Mandarin pop singers from Taiwan also cross-over into Taiwanese pop genres as well, and there is increasingly more Mandarin pop influence in Taiwanese pop.

Born to a poor family in rural Taiwan, Jiang Hui struggled to make it to the top. When she was still young, she starting singing to help support her family. She literally sang her way to fame and stardom.

Here is another one of my favorite songs from her called 落雨聲 or the sound of rain..

You Have to Be Patient, one of Jiang Hui song, seemed to tell the story of her life. This was also the first song which catapulted her to fame and made her a household name in Taiwan.
She sang her way to acceptance in the mainstream pop world once dominated by Mandarin song stars. Her landing on the pop charts in Taiwan was unprecedented for someone specializing in Taiwanese songs.
Today she is affectionately called the queen of Taiwanese Music (Minnan songs)

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L G ONG said...

Yes agree this song is very touchy and meaningful. Tressure as it comes and don't wait till it is no longer there. The more you listen to this song the more you will try to understand what she was arriving at when she sang this song. She sang this wonderful song with lots of emotion and it really makes me very emotional. I wish I could one day have a hand shake with her to thank her for all the beautiful songs she delivered with full emotion. I like her song " Sim su sia lang zhai" - ( my feeling who knows }. She must have a very difficult childhood as far as I know. Poor you. Anyway that was history liao