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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The talented Luo ShiFeng 羅時豐........

Taiwanese singer and actor 羅時豐 Luo ShiFeng is absolutely one of my favorite male singers he has a very nice, deep voice.his songs are beautiful and catchier.
here is one of my favorite videos from the talented singer...

The singer have won many awards including the 2006 17th golden melody award for best Taiwanese male singer, and the 2001 12th golden melody award for best male performance

Friday, December 12, 2008

Han bao Yi 韓寶儀 another one of my favorite singers.....

Another singer who have been around for a while, and who i also have a lot of love and respect for is Han Bao yi 韓寶儀.
Here is a beautiful video from her.

冬恋/韩宝仪 or Winter love by Han Bao Yi.

She may not be Teresa Teng , nevertheless she is still a great singer.Her silky voice renders a wonderful feel, its like being carried to another place.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Teresa Teng 鄧麗君 English Hits................

Although she sang mostly in Mandarin,Cantonese, and Japanese, Teresa Teng also had some English hits.
Here are some of my best English hits from the legendary singer.
鄧麗君英文組曲 / 1977年香港TVB電視台演出 / 演唱曲:Rhythm of rain /Heartaches at sweet sixteen /I'm gonna knock on your door/Lipstick on your collar.

She was just such a great singer............

Timi Zhuo 卓依婷 - 谁料皇榜中状元

I am a huge huge fan of classic Chinese opera ballads, and music.Here is Timi Zhuo 卓依婷 one of my all time best singers singing a classic Chinese opera ballad call the Emperor's Female son-in- law.This song is an excerpts from some of the most classic and popular Chinese opera ballads.

为救李郎离家园 I left homeland for the life of my husband
谁料皇榜中状元 Unexpectedly I won the first place in imperial examination
中状元着红袍 Number one scholar is wearing the red garment
帽插宫花好啊好新鲜 It's quite a new and exciting experience for me
我也曾赴过琼林宴 I have been invited to emperor's banquet
我也曾打马御街前 I have been riding a horse along the emperor's street
人人夸我潘安貌 People praised me of my beauty
原来纱帽罩婵娟 but never know I'm actually a woman
我考状元不为把名显 All I have done is not for fame
我考状元不为作高官 and glory
为了多情李公子 but for my beloved husband
夫妻恩爱花好月儿圆 I wish someday we could be together again.

This album of Timi was released in 2003.

Friday, November 21, 2008

First Dentist visit.......................................

Today was my Daughter's first visit to the dentist, and just getting ready was a drama in itself. i had to call in sick from work just to take these two, and to make matter worse it was 20 degrees outside, and Keira did not not want to wear her winter jacket.

Keira and her mom getting ready to see the Dentist.

For a guy who grew up under the hot African sun, the 20 degree weather was a killer...

Keira in one of moods........

Even the Doctor could not get her to open her mouth.......

All in all it was good to spend the whole day with family.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Random Pictures.....

It looks like the winter will be brutal this year, it was so cold today, i did not feel like doing anything, But my little girl wanted to go out so i took her to the mall.

Keira and I

Miss Keira Liu Being her bad self

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Timi Zhuo(mother'sKiss)............

It seem i cannot get enough of this girl, she is so damm good. here is another beautiful song from Timi Zhuo call Mother's kiss.

i love this song a thousand times, Timi like the late Teresa Teng have become my icons, she is just a great singer.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Timi Zhou 卓依婷 出水芙蓉(舞女) Waterlilies dancers....

Old picture of us in Liberia, Africa in 1982, my dad is the first on the right, i am the kid with the red or orange shirt and short black pants, with my uncle holding me, my brother is behind the bike, and my cousin mei mei is infront the bike.

Here is one of my favorite song from my childhood. I remember this song playing in the house so many times in our house, i used to follow my Dad while he inspects the crops in the field under the the hot African sun. man this song brings back a lot of good memories, how i miss those times. I don't know who the original singer is, but Timi Zhou 卓依婷 sound just as good as the singer i used to hear on the stereo.

卓依婷 出水芙蓉 (舞女)

Its an old classic, but i tell you it sound good today just as it did so many years ago under the hot African sun, in my father's house.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The magnificent Twelve Girls Band of China......

Hailing from the People’s Republic of China, the Twelve Girls Band can only be described as a real treat, these women all in their twenties, are all seasoned musicians and are all veterans of the People's Republic of China's top orchestras.the women were inspired by the art of the Yue Fang, the female ensembles made out of twelve young women that played in the royal courts of the Tang Dynasty in the 13th century.
Those same string instruments and flutes are used today by China’s foremost world music ensemble, 12 Girls Band.

12 Girls Band, which is actually comprised of thirteen female musicians (so there is always a substitute ready to perform), were formed in 2001 after extensive auditions. More than 4000 contestants, all studying music at the most prestigious schools in China, were finally narrowed down to the current group. Their debut, "Beautiful Energy," was released in Japan in 2003, and the group still holds the record for the highest sales of any Chinese musical artist in that country, with nearly two million copies sold.
What an amazing group of beautiful young Chinese musicians. They play everything from traditional folk songs, to pop chart favorites, all on ancient Chinese instruments.

Beautiful chinese folk song play on instruments.......

If you like the Chinese group 12 girl band from shanghai you will definitely like these guys, check them out as they play a beautiful and famous Chinese folk song called Jasmine 茉莉花.

The music just sound so heavenly, it is so beautiful.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Little Princess at two............

Yesterday was my daughter's second birthday, here are some pictures of yesterday celebration highlights.

With Grandma, and cousin Gavin before the party.

Keira getting ready to blow out the candles..

Some of the Kids at the celebrations...

Can you believe how fast kids grow these days? here is a home video of Keira and her Mom about a year and a half ago when she was about 6 months old.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The day a star fell from the heavens........

The dreadful day was May 8, 1995, the place Chiang Mai, the kingdom Thailand. at the very young age of 43 Teresa Teng the Nightingale of the Chinese speaking world, was silenced forever.
Long time asthmatic, Teng died from a severe asthma attack while on holiday. Miss Teng was known for her folk songs and romantic ballads, which remain popular to this day, and can still be heard in allay ways and on the streets of China towns all over the world.

The legendary singer from Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China, was probably the best Chinese singer to ever walk the surface of the earth.


Besides her native tongue Mandarin, Teresa also sang in Cantonese, English, Japanese and Indonesian. she was born in Yunlin county , Taiwan, on January 29, 1953.
She was given a state funeral at home in Taiwan, with the Republic of China flag draped over her coffin and the ROC President Lee Teng-hui in attendance.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Teresa Teng patriotic songs

In 1981 Teresa Teng 鄧麗君 made a couple of patriotic songs for the video series called Jun in the out post. she visited the Taiwanese troops on the front line.the service men were excited to have her among them . here are two of the videos from that series.....

In the outpost...

鄧麗君歌友會 視像 鄧麗君1981 君在前哨特輯..

She was such a down to earth person, no wonder she was so famous in Taiwan, and the entire Chinese speaking world.

Best of Teresa Teng 鄧麗君.............

Some of the best songs from the legendary Teresa Teng all in one video.
the song are some of my all time favorites.

路邊野花不要採 / 小城故事 / 甜蜜蜜 / 我怎能離開你 / 奈何 / 原鄉人 *** 鄧麗君 *** or
Roadside wildflowers not mining / Tales of a Small Town / sweet honey / How can I leave you / her original Xiangren *** ***

Yep she was that good and will never be replaced.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

More beautiful songs from Timi Zhou 卓依婷.....

Over the past month now i have just become a huge, huge fan of Taiwanese singer Timi Zhou 卓依婷 , she reminds me so so much of the Legendary Teresa Teng, infact she is also known for singing miss Teng's songs, and has been called her "second generation" because they both share the same soft voice and a similar singing style.
I just bought her 1997 hokkien album entitle 恋梦(Love Dream) and i love it.

Here are two beautiful videos from the talented songstress...
卓依婷 - 小雨 (Small Rain)


She is just a great singer, and i can't wait till i have all her album in my collection

Monday, August 18, 2008

The beautiful and talented Liu Tao 刘涛........

Born in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China on july 12 1978 Chinese actress Liu Tao 刘涛,has become one of my favorite Chinese actresses.Her major productions include the 2003 version of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, The Last Concubine, Huan Zhu Ge Ge and Dali Princes, Her performance as A Zhu in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils won her much acclaim from viewers and critics alike. But what i like her more for is her singing...
Here is her rendition of a popular Chinese song call the four seasons 四季歌

Liu Tao is truly bless with everything, she has good looks,she is a famous entertainer, and without any doubt she also has a beautiful voice.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another beautiful song from Fei yu ching 費玉清....

Over the week end i order some of Taiwanese singer Fei-yu ching 費玉清 CDs, from this website yesasia, and i just got them today. I think this guy is not only awsome, but hands down he is one of the best male singers in the Chinese speaking world. Here is another one of my favorite song from him.
費玉清/ 我怎能離開你

Part of the translation of the lyrics goes like this:

How could I leave you,
How could I abandon you.
You are always in my heart,
Please doubt me not.
Let our loves always together
And will never split apart
Besides you,
Who else could be my soul mate?
Blue flowers bloom in bunches,
They are named 'forget-me-not'
Please pluck one and put it to your heart.
Flowers are beautiful but may wither,
Only love should not alter
Me and you,
Together from the start to the end,
Please doubt me not.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Whats up with kids and cartoons........

I am not really big on watching cartoons especially the ones my daughter watch. but when you want to get her to take a nap you have to watch a cartoon with her. I just got her a copy of Disney's Mulan and she loves it, i was very impress with the movie myself, but i think she is gonna drive me crazy, this is the 40 or 50 times i think she has seen the movie, and she still wants to see it.
Here is part of the movie in Chinese...

secretly i know its awful, but i can't wait till the damm thing breaks, i am so sick of the movie right now lol.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fun time at Como Zoo.........

The family all went to Como Zoo in St Paul today, Here are some of today's highlights.

Keira being her bad self.

Gavin and Kendrick, Keira's cousins.

Some scene at Como zoo Park.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another priceless Teresa Teng song......

She may have died more then a decade ago, but she was and is still is one of the most respected singer in the Chinese speaking world. here is another beautiful song from the late Taiwanese songstress call Meeting Tomorrow 相見在明天.

May she rest in everlasting peace.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Treasures in my basement.............

Over the past week i found a bunch of classic old Taiwanese music videos in some of my Dad old CDs collections i never knew i had, i have already posted a lot of these videos on my youtube page, i am posting some of them here on my blog, if you do like them check out the rest of the videos on my youtube page link i have on the sidebar of my blog.

I really don't know who the artist are, but they sound so good, i especially love the beat in both these videos.

Enjoy folks......

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another beautiful Hokkien song by Joyce Lim....

Malaysian singer Joyce Lim 小鳳鳳 is quickly becoming one of my favorite singers, here is another beautiful hokkien song from her. she always look so happy in videos.

I really don't understand Hokkien, but songs sang in Hokkien sound so beautiful, i will have to see if i can find her songs in Mandarin, at least i understand that a little.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A weekend of rest......

This weekend was very relaxing for me and the family, i just stay home, had a couple of beers, with chinese food and watched my daughter dance to one of Teresa Teng's song.

At the Asian store we shopped at, we saw this guy laughing, i just had to get a shot.

There is nothing like a bottle of beer and a bowl of noodle soup on a Sunday.

My daughter like me is a big Teresa Teng fan too, here she is in this short video dancing and doing one of her moves to the beat of Tian Mi Mi 甜 蜜 蜜 one of miss Teng's famous song, over the weekend.

She is so sweet, but i have the feeling when she is old enough and she sees this clip she is going to be so mad at me for posting it on youtube.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Laotian Outdoor party......

Today the whole family went out to a Laotian outdoor party in Monticello Minnesota about 45 minutes to an hour drive outside of the twin cities. My wife is originally from Laos, and the huge Laotian community here in Minnesota is trying to raise money to build a Buddhist temple in Monticello.

My daughter Keira, and her cousins Gavin, and Kendrick all ready to go the party.

My mother in-law on the left,sister in-law in the middle and my wife on the right before the party.


I took this picture of the monks on their way to the future temple site.

I saw a couple of people with what looks to me like a money tree

The kids were all tired by the end of the day

More dancing and singing

There were a lot of people at the party.