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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another beautiful song from Fei yu ching 費玉清....

Over the week end i order some of Taiwanese singer Fei-yu ching 費玉清 CDs, from this website yesasia, and i just got them today. I think this guy is not only awsome, but hands down he is one of the best male singers in the Chinese speaking world. Here is another one of my favorite song from him.
費玉清/ 我怎能離開你

Part of the translation of the lyrics goes like this:

How could I leave you,
How could I abandon you.
You are always in my heart,
Please doubt me not.
Let our loves always together
And will never split apart
Besides you,
Who else could be my soul mate?
Blue flowers bloom in bunches,
They are named 'forget-me-not'
Please pluck one and put it to your heart.
Flowers are beautiful but may wither,
Only love should not alter
Me and you,
Together from the start to the end,
Please doubt me not.

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Anonymous said...

Can you translate more of his songs?