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Friday, May 16, 2008

Beautiful Hokkien song from Taiwan...

Here is one of my all time favorite Taiwanese song sang in Hokkien a dialect in Taiwan.
Many other artists including Timi Zhou have their own randition of the song, but i like this randition of the song by Joyce Lim the best.
the song is call 爱拼才会赢 which means, Keep working hard to succeed.

I am not sure if Joyce Lim is Taiwanese, i always thought she was Malaysian, But who cares right? the sing is still great.
Enjoy folks.

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tomdoh345 said...

Joyce Lim is supposedly from Penang Malaysia and sings in Penang Hokkien. I wish somebody who really knows her would write a Wikipedia page about her and maybe a blog article on this site or Study More Chinese or FluentU, etc. Before Youtube I had no idea that such a great and lovely singer existed. I have gotten a few of her CDs and DVDs from YESAsia but mostly just watch and listen on Youtube ( and sometimes her songs are taken down in Youtube, a few have never yet returned ).