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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lou Jing (娄婧) the sad story of a Black Chinese girl.......

Lou Jing (娄婧)

I have never been outrage about a story coming out of China then this one.....
When 20 year old Lou Jing (娄婧) who is of mixed Chinese and black heritage became one of the five Shanghai finalists on the reality Tv show Go! Oriental Angel, the color of her skin became a national issue on what a true Chinese person is suppose to look like. She also became a target for cruel gossip and vicious racist attacks on Aug 30, when her mother shared their family's story on the show.
The attacks began after Ms Lou's mother revealed at a preliminary round of the show early last month that her daughter was the result of an illicit affair she had with an African American man some 20 years ago.Ms Lou's mother, who is a Shanghainese and known only as Madam Lou, said her Chinese husband divorced her when he found their newborn looked African instead of

Here are some of the comments that people were posting online ............

Shanghai people’s value plunges. A bastard, brought her out to show off because of the foreigner descent. The girl is ok, her mom is a whore, married and still mess around with black guy, maybe it’s the great “love”, it’s a pity the black guy was just playing her, Chinese girls please have some self-respect.

Her mother still has the face to go on stage, she is shameless, and this kind of thing is definitely scandals you should keep in the family. She still dares to go on stage, maybe she does not feel ashamed, instead feels proud.
Is this the legend of the bastard? And an unwanted bastard.

Her mother is a shameless woman, pregnant by a black guy, and then abandoned, was it good when he was pleasing you? Still obsessed with him after several decades? Not feel ashamed, even go on TV to look, looking for what? Looking for lost big XX? Looking for climax never had again? Shameless! Why are Shanghai women always the target of criticism? It’s because of shameless bitch like her!
Dragon TV please help this bastard find her family. Let the black father with a big XX hurry back, address this old woman’s needs! Black Dad, come back soon! Someone cannot forget your big XX.

This woman has no sense of shame, married and you cheat, give birth to a black kid so there is no way to hide, if wasn’t for that her husband will have to raise their children.
Cheap is the word, in order to run with a foreigner, even do with black people.

As a person who is also of mixed Chinese and black heritage, i can certainly relate to this young woman's story.... and frankly, its outright shameful and disturbing that people would be so narrow minded like this.

With my dad and uncles, i am the one in the red shirt and black shorts

My siblings and i had great parents, and we were truly loved by both our African side, as well as our Chinese side of the Families, and thank God i live in these great United States were i am sure if this young woman had grown up, the sky would have been the limits for her talents and beauty.

Here is a video of Lou Jing on Go Oriental girl....

In many ways, Lou Jing is a typical young woman from Shanghai. Pretty and confident, she speaks Mandarin heavily accented with the lilting tones of the Shanghai dialect and browses the malls of this huge city for the latest fashions.
And i would only hope that she has the strength and courage to stay true to herself.


catherine_sr. said...

How horrible for Lou Jing! She obviously has a lot of talent and while it wasn't cool for her mother to have an affair, I commend her mother for being honest and it shouldn't reflect on her daughter's value as a human being at all! It's horrible that people feel they have the right to question whether or not Lou Jing is "authentically" Chinese just because of the color of her skin.
I'm a Taiwanese American married to a white American and I feel blessed that both of our families have never seen race as an issue in our relationship. I hope -- and I believe -- that our children will grow up with the same love and appreciation for all sides of their cultural heritage that you did!

djuliuh said...

I remember seeing this somewhere else some time ago. How the people voice their opinion in such words still frustrates me to no end. While I do not know for certain that every viewer feels the same way, it is such a shame that only those negative responses have been found. It would be nice to be able to find posts by people who support her her talents and don't decry her based on ethnic make-up.

bobby fletcher said...

You should check your source. Believe it or not I found just as many, if not more, sympathetic comments against racism in China. Here're some examples I found on Baidu.com:

“洪晃:我们凭什么歧视混血女孩娄婧” – “Hong Guan: what right do we have to discriminate against mixed blood girl Lou Jin”

“娄婧没有错,对娄母也应多宽容” – “Lou Jing is blameless, her mother deserves understanding too”

“看中国男人怎对娄婧母女发邪火” – “observing Chinese male-chovanism againt Lou mother-daughter”

“娄婧的呼声感人肺腑” – “Lou Jing’s appeal [to find father] moved me to the core”

“娄婧天使舞台证明自己和大家一样” – “Lou Jing’s stage presence proves she is the same as everyone”

“并不是因为她有着奥斯卡影后上海“哈利贝瑞”的称号。而是娄婧切身的故事” – “not because she resembles Halle Barry, but because of her life story”

“勿以肤色论英雄” – Shouldn’t judge by skin color

” “黑珍珠”娄婧证明自我” – “black pearl” Lou Jing proves self-worth

“娄婧比模特儿更美” – Lou Jing is more beautiful than models

“大家多谅解她吧” – people should cut her some slack

“娄婧是个小天使,这与她的肤色无关” – Lou Jing is an angel, matters not what skin color

“黑色只是普通的肤色” – Black is but a normal skin color

“很佩服你的勇气” - I admire your [Lou Jing's] courage

“自认为一番高论的鸟语,首先让我感到你真丢我们炎黄子孙的脸” - your [racist] self-righteous BS made me feel you’ve lost face for all Chinese

“应该让我们所有的人值得同情” - they deserve all our sympathy

LestWeForget said...

I hope Lou Jing rises above the criticism and disgust over heritage. I wish her success and happiness. I think her family suffered enough for the circumstances of her birth that includes her biological father, biological mother, her mother's ex husband, and Lou Jing herself. Forgiveness is the best spiritual weapon.

james said...

Lou Jing is absolutely beautiful. I am a han chinese & I am appalled by the racist remarks made to this girl. She was born in China, she speaks Chinese, her mother is Chinese and regardless of her skin colour, she is a proud Chinese through and through. Please accept that our society is made up of people from different backgrounds but ultimately we are all just human beings. Respect and treat people the way you want to be treated. Lou Jing, most people in China & outside of China love you and support everything you do, which you do with so much grace and dignity. Your story will help educate the ignorant people of this world and no doubt inspire people to become more tolerant.

John Bartley K7AAY said...

She's beautiful, smart
and has a heart.

Surely do hope
she gets to Columbia
and stays in the land of the free.

concerned tenant said...

While there are racial prejudice in China, but it is nothing compare to America - the supposely "morally superior" advanced society - not so long ago also hosted a show called American Idol with an "infamous" entrant name "William Hung" - ring a bell?
I can remember far more vicious name callings, and racist jokes thrown at him than Lou Jing.

This is typical "pot calling the kettle black" American hypocrites using the opportunity to lecture on Chinese.

concerned tenant said...
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concerned tenant said...
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rissaj06 said...

This is horrible. In a world that is becoming increasingly more diverse where a young woman can get such backlash. I'm a half-black and half-white woman married to a guy who is Korean and I also feel blessed that I have never felt such hatred. I hope and believe that our children will feel the same love and appreciation of our different cultures, like we were raised.

Chandra said...

i hate the chinese. they're so damn racist! that's why they all look alike. ha

Gellybear said...

Chandra, by posting the comment that you did, you are no different from those racist Chinese individuals that the OP/owner of this blog is criticizing. Stereotyping all Chinese people as being racist IS being racist.

Dean DJ said...
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Dean DJ said...

Wow. Not sure what to say. I have heard some pretty horrible things about race relations outside of all but the most metropolitan of cities the world over, but China seems to be the place with the most consistently negative behavior in asia -- from those of african decent that I have spoken with. That said, it is like most places where it is predominantly a generational thing -- people 30 & under tend to be a lot more open-minded. What is sad is that she had to endure this in such a public way.
Still, in a way it can be seen as a positive long term. If she is serious about her entertainment career, she runs the possibility of leveraging this personal social tragedy into a triumph. How? The future of the global lies in 3 places: Brazil, Africa, and China. India an Russia have some serious issues economically and socially that put them on the fast track to the same kind of consumerism that has become an yoke for the U.S. and the U.K.. However, with China and Brazil roaring into there own place of dominance in the world and Africa still being an nearly blank canvas of possibilities for industry [as well as a honey pot of natural resources], it is only natural that as their economies grow & more cash is available to spend, they will want to be entertained by something or someone they can relate to. Add to that a simple truth that an Entertainer of European decent will not translate as well as they once had and you have avoid -- one that only someone like Lou Jing can truly fill in a complete way.

These days, if you speak Mandarin and English, you pretty much a golden child as nearly everyone is being taught these languages at some point if you want to do business internationally. Even the regions I mentioned have sizable constituency that understand english are being encouraged to learn mandarin [not to mention all of the Michael Jackson and Madonna music the world got exposed to over the last 20 years]. And a cutie-pie from Shanghai that looks more like Beyonce than Wei Wei is simply unreal. Bottom line, if someone will get her a copy of Rosetta Stone [provided she doesn't already speak english], I will call MusicWorld myself! Not a joke -- seriously

samuel ochanji said...

I first heard about the story in September but I saw it on CNN yesterday and that's when it hit me.

It's heard to look at something like racism objectively.It's not something we can justify.In Kenya,I have studied with people from different ethnic backgrounds,Indians ,Arabs and Chinese in University.Nairobi is so open and cosmopolitan that when you walk in the streets and you look different,people barely notice.

I think cosmopolitanism and open mindedness is a great asset to any country.A country that is able to embrace diversity and different cultures and skin colors without much conflict grows richer culturally and intellectually.

This is not to say that I have not experienced prejudices,but in my experience in Kenya,people who have prejudices,against other ethnic groups and races are usually the narrow minded,the unexposed and illiterate.Sometimes prejudices rises out of lack of exposure to other cultures.In rural Kenya,it's not uncommon to find people making fun of Chinese workers and they don't consider it racist.They think it's fun.

Let's hope that as China becomes more open and democratic,it will be able to deal with diversity in a positive way.
"It's also important to note that not all Chinese treated Lou Jing cruelly.There were lots of voices and votes in support of her!

MarcoPolo said...

But what you said is not true.

She is very popular in China!

Almost everyone in China wanted to vote for her even though she CLEARLY can't sing!

If she was in America, I doubt anyone would vote for her simply because she is black! And she would definitely NOT be loved so much in America simply because of her skin color!

Anonymous said...

Since when is it Alright to get ALL into the business of other people?
Jesus was a bastard. the world loves him and those who do dirt, some even lie and Say they love him to do dirt under the bible.
If she was the best or got the most Votes (lets be honest) she should have won. If she couldn't or wasn't the best/got the least votes, she Shouldn't have won.
If the racism is as bad as people say, I fear for bringing my fiance to China. He's a beautiful & Black like my mother and I'm light like my Cherokee European father. Would I be more accepted than he? and were he white or anything Lighter... Hypocrites more than racist, since so much were done to them by the same that enslaved not only us but others and themselves.

lexia said...

Beautifully Said James! <3

Lexia said...

the best thing about black and Asian ironically is that they each make the most beautiful of children-not just together...
Tyson Beckford (male model)
Chanel Iman (victoria's secret model)
Dwayne "the rock" Johnson (wrestler)
Amerie (singer)
Pharell williams (music)
Neyo (singer)
Naomi Campbell (most beautiful model to walk this earth-personal opinion)
Kelis (singer)

Does Kimora Lee Simmons get this much publicity or racism?

Lexia said...

maybe This is why so many asian black mixes grow up to be so Angry.
Stating a fact.
Not trying to be funny, nor stereotypical.

Anonymous said...

the point is whe the hell are those african still targeting asian women when nothing will bring in a good result? what do they know about except of our appearance? are they just wannabe?

Anonymous said...

only those model suits your african eyes but not for us to be honest, you are nit even the center of our standard even white. You must be imagining things, most of african asian are below standard , those model are still nothing, their face is ew

Anonymous said...

I like your site and have high respect for you, you obviously are very proud of your heritage.

About Lou Jing, I want to point out something very obvious in the remarks you quoted:

. The anger was towards her mother, allegedly cheated her husband, then tried to conceive it until the baby came out to be of mixed race
. That she and her daughter felt this historical past of the mother were something to be proud of

I am disturbed by some of the racist remarks as well, but you may want to rethink your opinion of this incident,understanding where the majority of the anger coming from.

You may find that you are treated as a star as well as receiver of subtle racism if you visit China, but you will find that they are not the same as racists in somewhere else of the world, they do not hate you and can be won over once they know you personally (and yes they are willing to know you, that is the easy removal of the barrier).

Hope this helps.

Charlotte Tuchlorn said...

Are you sure about that,anon? Have you even Googled Will Demps? The terminology of handsome would a total understatement that I hardly see most males in par with him.

ilovebeingblack:) said...

To you^^^^^ omg why do you people look down on black people? Huh? Is it that you are afriad that blacks have a thicker'skin than every other race bcus we have been through seven since we came this earth? Well quess what!! I'm so happy that my God made me black it makes me work so much harder to get good grades and have a well rounded education ...being black has also helped me become a very strong minded person...that is way you rarly hear that a black person commited sucide..its in our blood to be able to get back up when the world push us down...and our hair proves that we can tolarate pain mentally' physically,emotionly and spirtually stronger... and I just want to thanks to all of you who hate black people becus of you I am able to get over an hreatbreak within a week, when I fall down I can quickly get back on my feet suck it up and keep on going, and if I get a bad grade on a test I don't kill other people but instead I'll study my black butt off and I'll get a A on the next time...so as I said only good things come from knowing that the world hate you becuz of your color hair and feature...I have been able to overcome lots pf obticles'becus of you all:) every other race is weak becus of the love that you guys give eachother...we are stong minded becus every other race on this lovely green earth hates us...your negative turns into positive thing :)

Anonymous said...


ilovebeingblack:) said...


Anonymous said...

Chinese people are ugly. They should be thankful for the mix.

PS. The mother was married to the American dad.

jmal said...

f*** that oh girl is beautiful

Anonymous said...

Not Withstanding what people might say , they are being Politically Correct.
In India , You might as a women might even get killed publically , for something what this women did ( having Mutt Kids with a black Guy , who simply abondoned her , just like the way they do in their country ).

This women is actually Lucky - even Lou Jing is , because China & Japan are very tolerant countries with little to no racism.

There can be tremendous amount of racism in India , more than even Russia ( which is known to be racist ).

In USA , most blacks try to breed outside their race , trying to date women who belong to other races ,if they are so bothered about racism why dont they stick to their own race..?

Not many people know that more than 79% of black women are single mothers ( abondoned by their fathers for white women). In USA , Black men have kids with black women but usually only marry white women.

World over white women are known to be very easy ...often openly called to sharmoutas in middle eastern countries.These women are the ones who give out all kinds of politically correct statements

I would call chinese /Japanese or Korean in comparison to us Indian societies as very tolerant countries ...since India is way more racist....

Anonymous said...

The original Chinese were Black.

Donna E. said...

All I can same from studying HISTORY "THE BUDDAH" IS AND WAS A BLACK MAN" so much for racism. Chinese have always loved and married BLACK MEN AND WOMEN. It is in the BIBLE. The CANAANITES WERE BLACK and the (JEWS) ZHOU's CHINESE! I am a Jew of Chinese origin mixed with European and black because that's is the House of Israel for you. Donna E.

Anonymous said...

U definitely spoke the truth about usa black men being racist against usa black women so said but true they hate being black and want to have mixed race children the mixed race just grow up to hate their black heritage ����