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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Laotian Outdoor party......

Today the whole family went out to a Laotian outdoor party in Monticello Minnesota about 45 minutes to an hour drive outside of the twin cities. My wife is originally from Laos, and the huge Laotian community here in Minnesota is trying to raise money to build a Buddhist temple in Monticello.

My daughter Keira, and her cousins Gavin, and Kendrick all ready to go the party.

My mother in-law on the left,sister in-law in the middle and my wife on the right before the party.


I took this picture of the monks on their way to the future temple site.

I saw a couple of people with what looks to me like a money tree

The kids were all tired by the end of the day

More dancing and singing

There were a lot of people at the party.


Steve4nLanguage said...

Thanks for sharing your photos, Emmanuel.

I never realized that there was such a large Laotian community in Minnesota. My mom is orignally from St. Cloud; is that anywhere near Monticello?

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