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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Timi Zhou 卓依婷 出水芙蓉(舞女) Waterlilies dancers....

Old picture of us in Liberia, Africa in 1982, my dad is the first on the right, i am the kid with the red or orange shirt and short black pants, with my uncle holding me, my brother is behind the bike, and my cousin mei mei is infront the bike.

Here is one of my favorite song from my childhood. I remember this song playing in the house so many times in our house, i used to follow my Dad while he inspects the crops in the field under the the hot African sun. man this song brings back a lot of good memories, how i miss those times. I don't know who the original singer is, but Timi Zhou 卓依婷 sound just as good as the singer i used to hear on the stereo.

卓依婷 出水芙蓉 (舞女)

Its an old classic, but i tell you it sound good today just as it did so many years ago under the hot African sun, in my father's house.

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