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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Talented Sunshumei 孫淑媚...........

While visiting a friend at the university of Minnesota last week i borrowed a copy of Taiwanese singer Sun Shumei 孫淑媚 CD from her, and i just fell in love with her singing.
Sun Shumei is such a good singer that i have decided to buy my own copy of her album.
Here are some videos of some of my favorite songs from her,the first video she features singer On Bozheng 安伯政.

愛你的機會(孫淑媚 & 安伯政)

In the next video she features another singer call XiulanMaya 秀蘭瑪雅.

After listening to these two songs all i could say was wow..... and i hope you guys felt the same way too... ENJOY FOLKS.

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