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Saturday, December 15, 2007

So funny...............

OK people this is so funny i just had to post it. My wife and Kid are the worst people ever to sleep beside on a bed, its like a war zone when you sleep with them, and to prove my point i toke these pictures last night.

Here she is so calm on her way to work in the morning.

Now check out these two at night

No wonder i don't get enough sleep at night, and as long as these two sleeping beauties continues to sleep like this, i am afraid its always going to be the sofa for me.


TomCat said...

LOL!! Poor Emmanuel!!

Merry Christmas to all here.

TomCat said...

Ho! Ho!! Ho!!! SantaCat wishes you all a purrrfect Christmas.

Next year, please leave catnip with the milk and cookies. :-)

TomCat said...

Dang! It's getting lonely in this thread!!

Emmanuel, at PP you'll find an item in today's second post that should be of interest to you.