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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Eastern Taiwan, and a visit to a Taoist Temple in Yilan county............

Took the Train yesterday afternoon to the eastern city of Hualien 花蓮 to visit my sick aunt and her husband then came back home and visited an ancient Taoist Temple on the mountain and a beautiful park in Yilan county.

The number 2 platform at the train station in Hualien City.

In the Train on the way back home.

The Taoist Temple on the mountain.

The view from the temple was stunningly beautiful.

This place was one of the most peaceful places i have ever been.

They had these beautiful fishes in a pond at the temple.

And i finally finish off the day by enjoying this scenic park .


Steve said...

Hi Michael,

Merry Christmas (belated). I've been busy with my own holiday stuff and I completely forgot you were coming to Taiwan! It looks like you've been enjoying yourself. I was at that park in Yilan just a couple of months ago.

How long will you be here? I know you're busy visiting relatives and being a tourist, but perhaps I can meet up with you at some point. Send me a message when you can, either through my blog or email: steve4nlanguage[at]yahoo[dot]com


PC Scan said...

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