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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Check out this group called Da Mouth 大嘴巴.......

Da mouth 大嘴巴

I am not normally into punk rock music, so it was quite normal to judge these guys when i first saw their group Photo..... but i tell you it is never good to judge a book by its cover...they called themselves Da mouth 大嘴巴 i don't know what the heck kind of name is that, or why would anyone name their group like that, but i tell you they are really good.they are from Taiwan, but but their members come from all over the place. The DJ is called Chung Hua 板本宗華 he is actually half Japanese and half Chinese, the only female of the group is called Aisha 千田愛紗, also a Japanese name. She’s actually Japanese. rounding up the group are MC40 薛仕凌, and Harry 張懷秋 who is half Chinese and half Korean.
I just discovered Da Mouth recently and have been playing their videos nonstop. I'm really impressed by their vocals and rapping skills....as well as their dance moves.

here you can check them out yourself, you will be blown away too....

Da Mouth 大嘴巴 - Declaration of Love 愛的宣言

大嘴巴--Da Now一场


Cary said...

Pretty cute. Punk????!!!! 80's glam disco/pop I would say, but about as far from punk as chinese classical music is.

暗生番 said...

Cool heritage!