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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chinese American Writer Amy Tan 譚恩美 is a brilliant writer............

Amy Tan

For a class project i had to do a paper on any author of my choosing, and being of Chinese decent i decided i would find and do a paper on a Chinese author. My Friend Tony who is from Hong Kong suggested i consider Amy Tan 譚恩美, i was like Amy Who? i have never heard of her, i wanted somebody really famous, Tony insisted i try some of her work, he even went as far as renting the movie The joy luck club, one of Amy's books that was made into a movie....... and now all i can say Amy Tan is my favorite author.
For the past week i have gone to Barnes and Noble, bought and read two of her books, including the kitchen god's wife, and the Bonesetter's daughter, and watched the movie the Joy luck club twice.

Here is one of my favorite Scene from the Movie the Joy Luck Club...

This scene affected me more than any other. . .

Born in Oakland, California, on February 19, 1952, to Chinese Immigrant, Amy Tan is a Chinese American writer whose works explore mother-daughter relationships. In 1993, Tan's adaptation of her most popular fiction work, The Joy Luck club became a really successful film.
and according to her own biography Tan rejected her mother's expectations that she become a doctor and concert pianist. She chose to write fiction instead. Her much-loved, best-selling novels have been translated into 35 languages.
She grew up surrounded by influences from both Chinese and American cultures. She has written about trying to assimilate into the mainstream, American world as a child, often at the expense of her Chinese heritage. Tan's father and brother died of brain tumors when she was fourteen years old. At this time, she also learned that her mother had been married to a different man in China and had three daughters from this marriage,a situation not unlike June's in her first book the Joy luck club.
I love this woman, i think she is an exceptional writer, and i can't wait to collect and read all of her work.

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