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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy mother's Day Mom ....................



Today is mother's day and i want to just take this time to thank both my parents for doing such a good job with us. we were not rich but we kids always had enough to eat, we always had a roof over our head.
Mom always was there when we needed her, there is noway we can ever repay her or daddy for everything they did for us, but it is my resolve that my own kids know that no matter what, we will always be there for them. we had good parents,we were blessed, and it is important that we passed it on to our own kids.

I would like to dedicate this song by Teresa Teng called 娘 心 Mother's Heart to all mothers around the world for they are truly one of a kind.
I really mean it when i say 天下的妈妈都系1样的. they are really special.

娘 心 Mother's Heart....

The lyrics goes something like this........

Braving the wind and snow and cold, and, being the prodigal son in the foreign land
受盡創傷 歷盡滄桑 想起我的娘
Having suffer, as a result of adversities.. i remember my mother
娘心如綿 體貼我身 帶給我溫暖
Whose heart is soft, caring, and warm.
I would like so much to return to your side.

不再放蕩 不再流浪 我要回家鄉
No longer will I procrastinate or wander about, I have to return home,
重新做人 重新做事 安慰我的娘
To start all over again, to re-do things, and to comfort my mother
娘心如月 照亮我身 使我不徬徨
Whose heart is bright like the Moon that lights up my entire being, and gives me strength so that i should never worry ,
And makes me stronger.


SHUO said...

Your mother looks really beautiful.I guess they met in Taiwan,do you mind me asking why did she went to Taiwan?

Anonymous said...

Your dad looks exactly like my grandfather!!!

My grandfather immigrated from China to Singapore in the 1940s. He has passed away now.