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Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Heavenly Music of the Erhu......

The Erhu

Of all the traditional chinese musical instrument, the Erhu is my favourite musical instrument. The erhu sometimes referred to as the Chinese violin, one of China's most legendary string instruments. It is a bowed musical instrument with two strings.

Yu Hong-Mei

The greatest and my favorites of all the erhu players is Yu Hong-mei. A celebrated soloist with the Chinese National Traditional Orchestra. Yu is the first erhuist to receive the coveted Pro Musicis International Award, and has since performed to great acclaim at such venues as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and The Kennedy Center.

Ma Xiao Hui

And my other favorite is Ma Xiao Hui one of China’s few first-class traditional artists, who at the tender age of six began playing the erhu. Her virtuosity blends classical beauty and contemporary originality by integrating different schools. Ma Xiaohui has been bestowed many recognitions and awards. The KennedyCenter regarded her 1999 appearance among the Center’s finest Ten Concerts of the Year. The BritishCambridgeCenter and American Biography Institute also regarded her as one of the “Great People of 21st Century,” as “International Culture Envoy” and as an “International Great Woman.” In China, she received the Top Prize for the National Guangdong Music Competition (Gaohu Section) in 1987, the local Baosteel Classic Arts Award in 1994 and 1999, and the Top Prize for the 1st Shanghai Spring International Music Festival in 2001.

Here are two videos of these two beautiful and talented women performing.

The first video is a performence by Yu Hong-Mei called spring of the south river.

And here is Ma-Xiao Hui performing A little town at the Southern side of River Yanja.

Nothing is more satisfying than listening to the erhu been play,Beautiful, just, beautiful.
Enjoy folks.

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