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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Classic Teresa Teng song perform by three divas....

Here are a couple of videos of a classic Teresa Teng song called 你怎麼說 or what do you have to say.. this song has always been one of my favorite Teresa Teng song so when i came across some videos of different singers randitions of the song i had to post it.

The first video is the legendary Teresa Teng herself singing her hit song 你怎麼說

Now here is Timi Zhou performing the same the song.

And finally here is Jane Zhang 張靚穎 randition of the song.

While it is true there will never be another voice like the great Teresa Teng, we will continue to like any singer who do justice to any of her songs, and Jane and Timi prove they are diva in their own right.

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