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Friday, February 22, 2008

Meet Timi Zhuo....

Taiwanese singer Timi Zhuo (卓依婷) is a prominent singer who has recorded more than 600 songs in Mandarin and Taiwanese dialects. she was born on october 2 1981 and started her singing career at the very tender age of five in Taipei, Taiwan. Zhuo was such a young and beautiful girl when she started her singing career that she was given the name "Small Princess." Encouraged and arranged by her parents, she performed numerous times in China, Taiwan and Malaysia.
Zhuo is famous for her Chinese opera and New Year songs, as well as her many reditions of the late Teresa Teng's songs such as,

"Sweet Honey" (甜蜜蜜)
"Don't Pick the Roadside Flowers" (路边的野花不要采)
"The Milky Way" (云河)
"Rhyme of the Sea" (海韵)
"Thousands of Words" (千言万语)
"I Only Care About You" (我只在乎你)
"Small Town Story" (小城故事)
"Like Your Tenderness" (恰似你的温柔)
"Fragrance of the Night" (夜来香)
"The Moon Represents My Heart" (月亮代表我的心)
"Love You For 1000 Years" (爱你一万年)
"Lover" (爱人)

Here is one of my favorite videos from her...

In 1998, at the age of 17, she contracted a stomach disease; as a result, she decided to take a rest and did not perform for a few years. Although rumors spread that she had died,she returned to public performances with a concert in Beijing in the spring of 2002. Her latest album was issued on January 24, 2007 in Malaysia and China title Gong Xi Fa Ca. which means "May You Prosper," a phrase commonly used by Chinese to greet each other during Chinese New Year.

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