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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The African man who became a Chinese pop star.......

Hao Ge (郝歌) or Uwechue Emmanuel is a main land Chinese pop singer originally from Liberia, Africa. his singing career in China began when he took part in The 7 day 'Star Boulevard' singing competition on China's CCTV, winning second prize, and in the process becoming a new star in China. A graduate of the University of Liberia, he is a spaceflight engineer by profession.
After his win, Hao Ge signed up with Hua Yi Xing Fang Music Company, and performed with other big name stars like Liu Huan, Sun Nan , and Na Ying.
He has been asked to sing in the Beijing Olympics, Summer 2008.

Here are some of his performence...

My favorite is this video of his Peking opera performence..

He sings many Chinese folk songs on stage and at Chinese new year gala hosted on CCTV.
Hao Ge is now applying for Chinese nationality.

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