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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Classic performance................................

Famous in the 60s and 70s and a superstar in Japan, Taiwanese singer / actress Tang Lan-Hwa will definitely be remember along with Teresa Teng as some of the greatest stars from Taiwan during that period. Most Chinese parents will recognize her name. I still have some old VHS tapes of some of her movies that my dad had when we were growing up as kids. Here she is in a scene from the movie "Jilted" The movie that made Tang Lan Hwa an overnight sensation, performing one of my absolute favorite classic Chinese songs called, I am by your side............... 我在你左右 She sang all but one song in the sound track.

Although this was not my time, but there is something about this time and the way Tang lan-Hwa sings that just makes you want to be there. The lyrics to the song is so simple and endearing, No wonder my dad loved it. A lot of memory! Teng Lan Hwa is now a devout Christian

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