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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Some great Oldies by Li Mao Shan 李茂山........................

Lately i have been listening to some golden oldies from veteran Taiwanese singer and really one of my favorite performers li mao shan 李茂山. If really you are a lover of sad Chinese love songs, he is the guy you want.

Here are some of my personal favorite song s from the Talented singer.......

李茂山 - Li Mao Shan - Xin Sheng Lei Hen - 心聲淚痕

李茂山 - Li Mao Shan - Yi Qu Ji Zhe Yin - 一 曲寄知音

What a truly remarkable singer, I grew up listening to beautiful music like these,and i can swear they don't make anything like these anymore. It is my hope when i get to Taiwan in December, i can find and collect more of his music.

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