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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Beautiful song by Timi Zhuo 卓依婷.................

I so love this song by Timi Zhuo one of my favorite singers.
This song was originally sung by 韩宝义(Han Bao Yi)but hands down i love TiMi version the best.

卓依婷 (Timi Zhuo) - 粉 红 色 的 回 忆 Pink Memories (梦 里 的 依 恋)

The lyrics goes something like this.........

The summer passed silently by, leaving behind a small secret.

压心底压心底 不能告诉你
I cannot tell you of the pressures in my heart.

晚风吹过温暖我心底 我又想起你
The evening breeze blows warmth into my heart as I again reminisce about you.

多甜蜜多甜蜜 怎么能忘记
How can I forget all the many memories, sweet as honey?

不能忘记你 把你写在日记里
I cannot forget you, I write about you in my diary.

不能忘记你 心里想的还是你
I cannot forget you, the one I still miss most in my heart.

浪漫的夏季 还有浪漫的一个你 给我一个粉红的回忆
A romantic summer and the still romantic you, gives me a pink memory.

哦 夏天夏天悄悄过去 依然怀念你
Whoa With the summer silently passing by, I continue to cherish you.

Every word about you also calls memories to mind.

就在就在秋天的梦里 我又遇见你 总是不能忘记你
Having met you again in an autumn dream, I will never be able to forget you.


vkrn said...

Thank you so much for bringing back some of the great Taiwanese songs I've missed hearing! Your posts also challenge me to resuscitate my written Chinese.

ricepandale said...

OMG! haha. i use to listen to this chick when i was little on vhs. hahahaa. duuuude im gonna subscribe to ur blog. u have like...all the oldiess!

im FULL chinese and i cant even read/write chinese. :[ boohoo. but u can.. ur pretty cool :D