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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Beautiful song by Xiao Feng Feng(Joyce Lim) 小鳳鳳.......

Xiao Feng Feng

Malaysian songbird Xiao Feng Feng(Joyce Lim) 小鳳鳳 continues to be one of my all time favorite Hokkien singers.

Here are some of my favorite song from her....

小鳳鳳 -十二蓮花 12 lotus flowers

Xiao Feng Feng Joice Lim 小鳳鳳 深深的愛

What a lovely and talented singer


Anonymous said...
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Dense said...

Hi Michael,
I was trying to find out more about Joyce Lim when I found your blog. She has this song, 小鳳鳳 - 愛拼才會贏 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux8n1UV6cFE) which is a favorite of mine. It's a cover version, I believe.
It's hard to find any info on her in English. :(

tomdoh345 said...

The Youtube version of 12 Lotus Flowers ( 小鳳鳳 -十二蓮花 12 lotus flowers Joyce Lim ) that you posted is now a dead link. I just tried this link and it works fine:

tomdoh345 said...

There is now a 小鳳鳳 page on Facebook. From there you can find 2 more pages.