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Monday, April 13, 2009

Why Classic Chinese music ???????

One of my friend from Hong kong today ask me why i listen to these old Chinese music that his Mom and his Grand ma listen to, and i told him its not that i don't like younger artist, but i prefer the old timers, because frankly i don't think these younger folks can ever compare to them.
I grew up listening to legendary singers like Feng fei fei 鳳飛飛, Teresa teng 鄧麗君, Zhou Xuan 周璇, and Paula Tsui 徐小鳳, and they were the best, every time i listen to one of these classic and elegant ladies, it just hits me that there probably will never be anyone like these song birds again. sure there are some younger artist who aspire to be like these women, like Timi Zhuo 卓依婷 who by the way i have a huge respect for, but the fact of the matter is there will never be great singers like these classic ladies.

Here is my favorite singer ever, the legendary Miss Teresa Teng singing another beautiful song...

What a lady, what a voice, may she rest in peace.

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