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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Song i listen to most when i am down.......

I have listen to many different renditions of this song from Malaysian singer Joyce Lim 小鳳鳳, to Yeh Qi Tian 葉啟田. but by far 卓依婷 Timi Zhou has the best version.
I have listen to this song so many times when i am down, and every time i do, it just lift my spirit.

卓依婷 - 问 心 无 愧 (Have a clear conscience)

The Lyric goes something like this .....

When matters are against your wishes, do not complain.

Facing setbacks, do not be discouraged.

How could you spend the whole day alone in self-pity,

Half awake half in dreams demeaning yourself to the extreme?

Life is almost like undulating tides and waves,

Succeeding and failing hinging on changing of the mind.

成功, 失败都应该坦然面对,
Achievement or defeat should be dealt with honestly.

生命诚可贵, 别蹉跎岁月, 但求问心无愧.
Life is really precious. Do not waste years and months, but have a clear conscience.

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