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Monday, January 7, 2008

More Pictures of Dad in Africa........

My Dad is one of those guys who have given his whole life working and representing his country Taiwan abroad. half of that time was in Africa, working for the Taiwanese agriculture mission, today he still works in africa, but he will finally get his much needed break when he retires next year.

Dad working for the Taiwanese government in Malawi today.

Dad on the right

Taiwan's agriculture mission monument in Malawi.

Lunch time

Because of his work we hardly get to see him, but we will be in Taiwan for his retirement party next year.


Boyd R. Jones said...

Very, very cool. Having spent a lot of time in Taiwan and China, I have always been intrigued by both "entity's" activities in Africa. Do blog more about what your Dad has done and is doing. How can we support his efforts?

Also, of interest is China's increasing activity in Africa.

Corey [可瑞] said...

About you question about going to Taiwan in March:

You don't need to be able to speak Mandarin, but it helps. In the north, people are more likely to be able to speak some English than in the south, but they all (the younger ones...mid-20s and younger) learn English in grade school. So, you should be able to get by (especially if your Father is there).

I'd suggest just brushing up on the basics:
Hi is Hi
Bye is Bye
Where is Taipei? - Taipei zai nali
Where is the bathroom? - Ce zuo zai nali

And just take a map...really, it's pretty easy to get around with little to no Chinese knowledge.

Enjoy! :D