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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tribute to the legendary Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng.

probably the best chinese singer to ever walk the surface of the earth, Teresa Teng, was a legendary singer from Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China. She enjoyed immense popularity amongst all Chinese-speaking people and in the rest of East Asia, particularly in Japan, for some 30 years. Teng was known for her folk songs and romantic ballads, which remain popular to this day.Teresa Teng, was born in Yunlin county , Taiwan, on January 29, 1953. she had 3 elder brothers and one younger brother. Displaying her sweet singing voice as early as in her childhood, she had been popular in Chinese societies worldwide for three decades and truly established her status as a superstar after her melodies penetrated the Chinese mainland. At the height of her fame, Teresa even eclipsed the dominance of China's then leader Deng Xiaopeng. People were comparing the influence of senior Deng to "little Teng" of Taiwan.Besides her native tongue Mandarin, Teresa also sang in Cantonese, English, Japanese and Indonesian. Her Hokkien songs were of course quite popular, especially for those who could speak the dialect.

Long time asthmatic, Teng died from a severe asthma attack while on holiday in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the age of 43 on May 8, 1995. She was given a state funeral at home in Taiwan, with the Republic of China flag draped over her coffin and the ROC President Lee Teng-hui in attendance.
These music videos of her songs, are some of my personal favorite.

if there were any angels among us, she was truly one of them, i grew up listening to her songs, and whenever i hear them today it brings back tons of good memories, its going on 13 years since she left the world, but in the hearts of millions of her fans around the world, she will never be forgotten. may her soul rest in everlasting peace

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