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Thursday, July 24, 2014

My little princess is all grown up now..........


I am so proud of the beautiful young woman she has become, but I am also afraid that the time is fast approaching when she will leave the nest,she is just seven but we all know how time flies. 


Steve said...

Hi Michael,

It was good to see your comment on my blog. I haven't visited your blog in some time, and was surprised to see your daughter becoming quite the young lady (but they all grow up, right?) Before you know it, you'll be walking her down the aisle!

When you visit in December it would be great to meet up. I recently moved from Hualien back to Taoyuan. My LINE ID is stephencoleman and my phone is 0979012563.

How long to plan to be in Taiwan? Will any of your family in the US be joining you?

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Ever since I found your blog (which was just tonight), I have been completely glued. I was shocked to see what I thought was an African American know not only Chinese artistes, but even those who sing in dialects like Hokkien! None of the Americans I know even know that there are other dialects besides Cantonese!

I am so proud of you. And like you, I have been searching for my roots and I am proud of my roots. It is who I am. It was not something I cared about before. You were probably more mature than me and had your interest sooner. I only had an awakening on my identity in my 30s.