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Monday, June 28, 2010

Thank you..........................................

I really do have a lot to be thankful for, a great family, a beautiful kid, living and and enjoying life to the fullest, all thanks to wonderful parents, and not to forget great siblings who i really got along with growing up..............
So to all the wonderful people who have always been there for me, and who really matters to me I dedicate this video of one of my favorite Taiwanese singer Timi Zhuo 卓依婷 singing her hit song called Thank you sincerely (真 心 真 意 谢 谢 你).



Caroline my little sister....

Eddie My Brother

And Keira My little princess

卓依婷 (Timi Zhuo) - 真 心 真 意 谢 谢 你 (Thank You Sincerely)


如果陽光裡沒有你 我不會疼愛我自己
如果歲月裡沒有你 我不會珍惜我自己
如果等待裡沒有你 我也許早已隨風而去
如果期待裡沒有你 我也許只懂得哭泣
真心真意謝謝你 是你留住我的夢
溫暖了我的心 真心真意謝謝你
是妳喚醒我的愛 是你滋潤了我的情

If you were absent from the sunlight,
I would not be able to love myself.
If you were absent from the years,
I would not be able to cherish myself.
If I waited but you never came,
Perhaps I would blow away in the wind.
If in anticipation, you never came,
Perhaps, I can only weep in acknowledgment.
Thank you sincerely!
It is you who have left me my dreams,
And all the warmth in my heart.
Thank you sincerely!
It is you who have awaken my love
And moisten my sentiment.

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your family looks lovely!