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Friday, May 7, 2010

Remembering Teresa Teng 鄧麗君 15 years after her Death......

Her voice has been described as the ultimate healing balm for broken hearts. Her smile was said to be warm enough to melt a glacier and her unwavering patriotism for Taiwan was unquestionable, and every year millions of fans of the legendary Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng 鄧麗君 , pause to remember May 8 the sad day when she was taken from this world.

Here is another one of my favorite song from her, this is the Japanese version of her song she call who will love me?

Miss Teng was hugely popular in Japan too, laugh and cry with her in this video as she wins three consecutive title for best singer in Japan.

Even 15 years after her untimely May 8, 1995 death, Teresa Teng, hands down remains one of the biggest sensation ever to hit the Chinese music industry in Taiwan and China, and she remains the most influential cultural figure for the global Chinese community.

Miss Teng not only enjoy huge success in Taiwan where she was born, but all over Asia. her clear and sweet voice, and her heart rending love songs , appealed to both young and old, and even today her music and beautiful voice can still be heard in Chinese communities across the world.

As we mark the 15 anniversary of her passing, let us remember what a great woman she was, let us all her loyal fans do everything to keep her memory alive, Even though she has left us, for millions of us who are her loyal fans
she will always be our idol.

How could we not love this woman who
through her many songs made us feel happy, sad, and countless other
emotions that cannot be describe. RIP Miss Teng.