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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year...恭喜发财

January 26 (Monday) marks the start of the Chinese new year. 2009 is the Year of the Ox, an animal linked with stability, perseverance and hard work. People born in that year are dependable, patient and methodical. They do not back down in the face of obstacles. If most of you did not know, President Obama is an ox.
2008 was the Year of the Rat, and frankly it was really a bad year for me. I am however hoping the year of the ox will be better.
Celebrations for the Year of the Ox will be held in Chinese communities and China towns all around the world.
Here are a couple of new year songs perform by the always elegant Timi Zhuo(卓依婷)

And here is one of her songs from From Timi's most newest 2009 Chinese New Year album, 好春天 This was released on the December of 2008 and is one of Timi's most popular albums.
practically the whole album was shot on location in Yunnan, China, thus the tribal theme in the video.

Tradition dictates those who celebrate the Lunar New Year do so by visiting friends and family, dressing in new clothing mostly red and eating elaborate meals.
A special tradition also at this time of the year is for children to receive red pockets filled with money, as a way of wishing them success and a Happy New Year. Everyone is expected to be in good spirits, since displaying unpleasant temperaments or speaking unlucky words is thought to bring on an unsuccessful year.

To all my readers of Chinese descent and who are celebrating the coming of the Chinese New Year, i will like to say Gong Xi Fa Ca 恭喜发财 which means "May You Prosper," a phrase commonly used by Chinese to greet each other during Chinese New Year.(HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR) my heartfelt wishes for you and all your families!

May the 'Year of the Ox' bring us all a better, more prosperous and harmonious year.


Du_wg said...

Happy chinese 牛 year!恭喜发财!

visit my new blog plz!thanks!


Steve said...

Thanks for the well wishes, Michael, and I hope the hard-working Ox brings your family joy and abundance this year. 恭喜發財!
Any chance of you coming to Taiwan in the near future?

SHUO said...

Thank you for dropping by,Michael.

BTW,you another blog "An African in the U.S" is also impressive.

Hope you have a great new year.