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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More songs from my wonderful Childhood...........

Here are some more classic songs i used to listen to as a kid, most of these songs were first made popular my my idol the legendary Taiwanese singer, the late Teresa Teng, but i also love these randitions by Chinese singer and actress, Rosanne Lui 呂珊. The first song she sings is called My beloved little horse carriage 我心爱的小马车, i mean what kid growing up in a chinese household did not hear this song, and the second song Rosanne performs is call who will love me 誰來愛我, a song made very popular by Teresa Teng too. and finally the last song is called tears of rain drops 淚的小雨 also one of my best songs by miss Teng.

Enjoy folks!

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utopia dreamer said...


This is peisee here. Just wanna let u know that I've done the songs that u want. So if u want, just drop me an email at ynocassie@gmail.com.

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