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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ok people say hello to my little princess.

OK people so these are pictures of my beautiful daughter, i like to think of her as my little princess, when she was born, she was so beautiful i name her after my favorite actress Keira Knightly, she is so mixed i don't think i know what she is, I am half Taiwanese, and half black, Keira's mom is asian American originally from Laos, so i guess its fair to say she is Taiwanese,black,Laotian, and American.

My little princess one day after she was born

Keira one year later.

Keira, her mom and me at the park.
still ajusting to being a father for the first time, i tell you its hard work, i now appreciate everything my wonderful parents did for us kids growing up in africa, all the hard work and all those sleepless night was worth it, and i would gladly do it all over again.

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